100 Positive Affirmations To Empower & Soothe You This Holiday Season

100 Positive Affirmations For The Holidays

If you are someone who finds the holidays a little stressful, positive affirmations might just be a great tool. The holidays can be one of the best, most exciting times of the year – a moment for reunion, generosity and celebration. But for some, they can be triggering and stressful for a multitude of reasons, including financial, social and health worries.

My clients and I often talk about the need to ‘follow societal norms’, like having children or working a 9-5. And, in many ways, if you follow the road more traveled, you will find more rest stops, better quality asphalt, wider lanes. You could argue that life is build for people who fit the rules suggested or imposed by society. And the holidays, in many aspects, follow that path too.

100 Positive Affirmations For The Holidays

Why Positive Affirmations Work

However, the holidays – like everything else in life– are not a set value. There absolutely is no single way to live through the next few weeks, and no way to do them ‘right’. You will do them beautifully just the way you do them, or not do them at all. And equally I hope you can hold space for your disappointment, envy or shame and know it’s ok to wish things were different. 

Below are 100 Positive Affirmations for the holidays, broken down by theme and topic.

Positive Affirmations are great for a number of reasons. For one, they are a chance for you to hear positive, kind and empowering words when you have perhaps been unkind to yourself. Secondly, they highlight the fact that other people may be going through your same struggles, or may need to hear the same things. Thirdly, there is a good amount of scientific research that suggests that hearing positive things about yourself, and visualising them, is enough for your brain to believe them. This works much the same way anxiety does: the thought is only in our head, but we believe it to be real.

So. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and watch this ASMR video on 100 Positive Affirmations for the holidays. Alternatively, you may read them all here, divided by theme.

100 Positive Affirmations For The Holidays


  • I’m grateful for another holiday season and another year I got to see through
  • I am grateful I am loved and cared for
  • I am grateful for all that I do already have, even on days when it doesn’t feel like much 
  • I am grateful for things much more important than material gifts.
  • This year, I am committed to making holiday memories that I will cherish forever 
  • I am able to focus on all that I do have, and still allow myself to aim for better
  • There is so much warmth and joy around me, and I’m here to witness it
  • I am grateful I have the tools to care for myself and others 
  • I will slow down and count my blessings this holiday season 
  • I have everything I need, and I believe that with my whole being 


  • I can only do what I can do, and I can only do my best 
  • My holidays might not look like those of others, but that doesn’t mean they are any less valid 
  • I have the power to spend the holidays in whichever way I desire 
  • My worth is not based on what I can purchase, cook or do. 
  • I will allow myself days where I do nothing and rest
  • I will be extra kind to myself and others This holiday season 
  • I have the tools to navigate tricky situations, with family friends and colleagues 
  • It is never too late to have a really good holiday break 
  • If I have to work this holiday, I will allow myself to experience any and all conflicting emotions 
  • The holidays are a time for enjoyment, not stress. I have the tools to focus on that. 


  • I deserve to eat delicious food
  • I can treat myself to sweets, alcohol and extra portions this season, and not feel bad about it 
  • I will treat my body with extra kindness and regard this season 
  • I can walk away from any situation or conversation that triggers me 
  • I will prioritize my wellness, and lend a hand to others when I can 
  • I will treat myself to gifts, and will accept those coming from others with no guilt 
  • I have complete permission to have a really great time 
  • Food and rest are not a reward. I will have both whenever I want and need them 
  • I will choose to love myself and show up exactly as I am 
  • I will give myself a break, and bask in how good it feels to just let go 


  •  can show appreciation love and gratitude in more ways than just with gifts 
  • My value as a person is not determined by how much I can spend on others 
  • It’s ok to feel sad if I wasn’t able to buy gifts for the people I love. I am able to sit with the heartache and honour it 
  • It’s ok to feel disappointed if others got more than me. 
  • My presence is gift enough for those who love me
  • There is more to the holidays than gift giving 
  • I am allowed to not give gifts to everyone, or to do them in a way that’s suitable to me 
  • I will be thoughtful and considerate when buying for others 
  • Giving to others fills me with joy 
  • I will donate time, help and support to anyone who needs it this season 


  • I can feel happy even if this year has been hard 
  • I can lean into traditions and start a brand new one 
  • I can treat myself to gifts and be mindful of my spending
  • I can hang out with family and set boundaries 
  • I am generous and welcoming yet protective of my space 
  • I will have fun and not judge myself for it 
  • I am allowed to be grateful for all I do have and experience envy or disappointment for what I don’t 
  • I can eat all the foods I want and be mindful of my diet 
  • I can experience conflicting emotions and still consider this holiday break a success 
  • I can care for my family and not share their views or values 

Take a deep breath.


  • This year, I did the best I could with what I had available 
  • I am actively choosing to celebrate my wins for the year 
  • I am proud of all I’ve done, and all I’ve become 
  • I am a good, worthy, lovable person 
  • People around me enjoy my presence and are grateful for me 
  • I worked hard for my clients, patients, guests, and everyone else who needed me this year 
  • I have learned a lot about myself and my values this year, and I’ve grown as a person 
  • I can prioritize my own self-care and still be there for others 
  • I can do the holidays in whichever way suits me 
  • I am able to let go of negative past Christmas experiences and enjoy the current one 


  • The scenes Around me fill me with joy 
  • There are hope and love in the hearts of people at Christmas, and I M here to witness it 
  • In this very moment, I choose to forgive and move on 
  • I feel this season can be the best yet 
  • I am beaming with energy, cheer and holiday spirit 
  • I am welcoming and tolerating of every expression of love and joy this season 
  • I will be the peaceful presence in everyone’s life this season 
  • My life is cozy, comforting and comfortable 
  • I am using this holiday break as a chance to connect and reconnect 
  • There is magic in the air, and I am here to witness it 
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  • This year I experienced loss, and I know I must welcome a different holiday 
  • I can hold space for all that I’ve lost whilst still being grateful for all that I do have 
  • I may experience conflicting emotions at the same time, and honor them all 
  • I can create new memories and traditions, and preserve and remember some old ones 
  • Grief and sadness will not prevent me from having a good time with loved ones 
  • I will offer as much support as I can, and accept as much as is given 
  • I can find a way to incorporate the old with the new, if I so wish 
  • I choose to show up for myself, even on hard days 
  • I am resilient strong and brave, but I accept pain is part of life 
  • Those who are gone can still live in my memory and in my heart 


  • I am looking ahead, whilst treasuring what’s behind me 
  • I can make next year the best yet 
  • This year I did my best, and I want to do even better next year
  • I welcome health, money and love 
  • I will manifest, achieve and celebrate the life of my dreams 
  • I will start this year with extra kindness for my body, my mind and my soul 
  • With the closing of a year, I welcome all the new opportunities of a fresh start 
  • I am energized by the prospect of a new year 
  • There won’t be a single challenge I can’t overcome next year 
  • My friends and family will be inspired by my presence next year 


  • I exhale negative experiences and inhale positive ones 
  • I let go of disappointment and welcome satisfaction
  • I breathe out pain, and I breathe in joy 
  • I push away sadness and attract happiness 
  • I free myself from lack and scarcity, and I greet abundance 
  • I shield myself from hatred and attract love and respect 
  • I forgo loneliness and solitude in favour of friendship and love 
  • I release doubt and hold space for self growth
  • I surrender constraints and embrace freedom and flexibility 
  • I reject anything that doesn’t serve me or feel good, and only accept the very best for myself, my life and my path 

I hope you all found these positive affirmations for the holidays helpful and empowering. And please, have a good break, whatever that might look like. And be kind to yourselves.

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