What You'll Learn About: Deep Sleep Hypnosis

This ASMR video guides viewers through a deep hypnosis session for restful sleep and renewed clarity in the morning, with a focus on breathing and relaxation techniques


  • Guided Hypnosis Session for Restful Sleep and Mental Wellness Channel: dedicated to mental wellness through hypnosis for sleep. Introduction to personalized breathing regulation for anxiety reduction. Setting intentions for relaxation and unwinding in a safe space.


  • Guided Meditation for Sleep Preparation: Relax and trust the process of sleep as a natural part of your day. Take three deep breaths to signal the beginning of your sleep journey and quiet your mind. Learn to quieten your mind and allow thoughts to float away for easy sleep every night.


  • Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Sleep: Wake up empowered, refreshed, and focused in the morning Listen to the quiet, focus on breath, and find solace in silence Deepen relaxation, let go of the day, and experience calmness in the present moment.


ASMR Real Hypnosis with Binaural Music for sleep and clarity in the morning
  • Embracing Comfort and Quiet for a Peaceful Sleep: Imagine the sensation of a comfortable bed or chair underneath you. Surround yourself with perfect comfort, quiet, and peace to prepare for sleep. Allow your mind to let go of the day’s thoughts and drift into a deep state of relaxation.


  • Finding Peace and Healing in Your Subconscious Mind: Visualize peaceful sceneries like an empty sandy beach at dawn. Invite space into your life and subconscious for healing and relaxation. Your subconscious mind is colorful, spacious, and holds all the answers you need.


  • Embracing Silence and Wisdom Through Sleep: Silence and wisdom come with sleep. Prioritize yourself and gain insight through sleep Set intentions and tap into infinite wisdom for the day ahead


  • Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep and Relaxation: You are now deep into your subconscious mind and sleep has taken over. You are okay and it’s time to sleep, feeling comfortable and safe. The guided meditation counts down to induce a deep state of relaxation for sleep.