How to Find the Perfect NLP Coach

How to Find the Perfect NLP Coach

If you are interested in improving your communication skills or personal development, deal with anxiety or depression, or learn to rewire your brain into more positive behaviours, finding a qualified NLP coach can be an excellent investment. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a powerful tool that helps individuals understand and reprogram their thought patterns and behaviors, leading to personal and professional growth.

However, with so many NLP coaches out there, finding the perfect one can be a daunting task. In this article, I will give you a few (unbiased, I promise!) tips how to find the perfect NLP coach for your specific needs.

1. Determine Your Goals

Before you begin searching for an NLP coach, it is essential to determine your specific goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve through coaching. Do you want to improve your communication skills, gain more confidence, or overcome a specific challenge? Not every coach or NLP therapist deals with all subjects, and not all have the same approach.

By identifying your goals, you can narrow down your search and find an NLP coach who specializes in your area of interest.

And since you asked… I’ll tell you mine: I specialize in rewiring & neuroplasticity, which helps create more positive, resourceful behaviours to tackle

  • anxiety
  • procrastination
  • depression
  • anger
  • stress
  • low self-esteem
  • uncertainty in life
  • poor relationships
  • OCD
  • self-sabotage
  • any other behaviour that makes you feel a little icky, and not your best, most empowered self

2. Check Their Credentials

When searching for an NLP coach, it is essential to check their credentials. Look for coaches who have completed NLP training, and even better if they are Master NLP Practitioners (like me!). Many are also well-versed in other therapeutical disciplines, like DBT, CBT, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy etc.

A certified coach ensures that they have met certain standards and have the necessary skills to help you achieve your goals. It also provides you with the assurance that you are working with a professional who follows ethical guidelines.

3. Research Their Experience

Experience is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an NLP coach. Look for coaches who have experience working with clients in your area of interest. A coach who has helped individuals achieve similar goals to yours is more likely to be able to help you succeed. A great way to go about this is to check the type and quality of content they have published on their blogs or social channels. You can check some of my mindfulness sessions & meditations on YouTube or some of my free mental wellness tips on Instagram.

4. Evaluate Their Coaching Style

Coaching style can vary greatly from coach to coach. Some coaches use a structured approach, while others take a more flexible, intuitive approach. Consider what coaching style will work best for you and your learning style.

You may prefer a coach who provides structure and accountability or one who takes a more intuitive approach, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Equally, you might like a coach who is super-focused on practical exercises (like myself), or prefer one who leans into hypnotherapy and mindfulness more.

5. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials can be a valuable way to evaluate an NLP coach. Look for reviews on their website or social media pages, and consider reaching out to previous clients to hear about their experience.

Reading reviews and testimonials can provide you with insight into their coaching style, the results they have achieved, and their level of professionalism. And it definitely also shows people have enjoyed their coaching enough to take the time to post a review!

6. Schedule a Consultation

After researching and evaluating potential NLP coaches, schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations. During the consultation, you can ask questions, get a feel for their coaching style, and determine if they are the right fit for you.

I offer free consultations where we can meet, talk about your goals and see if we are a good match for one another.

coaching sessions Talk With Fos recognising limiting beliefs

7. Consider Your Budget

NLP coaching can be an investment in yourself, so it is essential to consider your budget. The cost of coaching can vary greatly depending on the coach’s experience, credentials, and coaching style.

Consider what you are willing to invest in yourself and your personal development, and look for coaches who fit within your budget.

I am a firm believer in being as price-transparent as possible, and always advertise all package costs as unequivocally as possible, because I find it super infuriating when businesses aren’t clear, and they make you go through a whole process that… you can’t afford. #WhyTho

8. Trust Your Intuition

When it comes to choosing the perfect NLP coach, trust your intuition. Choose a coach who resonates with you and with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. Find someone whose communication style matches your needs, and who is your perfect blend of compassionate and analytical.

Coaching is a personal journey, and it is crucial to work with someone you trust and who understands your unique needs and goals.


Choosing the perfect NLP coach can be a significant step towards achieving your personal and professional goals. By being super clear about what you are after, you can find the perfect NLP coach for your needs in no time!


  1. What is NLP coaching?

NLP coaching is a form of personal development that uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help individuals reprogram their thought patterns and behaviors to achieve personal and professional growth.

  1. How long does NLP coaching typically last?

The length of NLP coaching varies depending on the coach and the client’s specific goals. Some coaching programs may last a few weeks, while others may take several months or even years. My packages usually last between 6 & 12 weeks, but I also offer one-off sessions.

  1. Can NLP coaching be done remotely?

Yes! many NLP coaches offer remote coaching services, such as over the phone or video conferencing platforms. Remote coaching can be just as effective as in-person coaching, allowing you to work with coaches from anywhere in the world.

  1. How much does NLP coaching typically cost?

The cost of NLP coaching varies depending on the coach’s experience, credentials, and coaching style. Some coaches may charge by the hour, while others may offer packages or programs at a set price. It is essential to consider your budget and find a coach who fits within your financial means. Check out my pricing here.

  1. How can I tell if NLP coaching is right for me?

NLP coaching can be beneficial for individuals who are interested in personal and professional growth, improving their communication skills, gaining more confidence, or overcoming a specific challenge. It is essential to determine your specific goals and evaluate whether NLP coaching aligns with your values and beliefs. A consultation with an NLP coach can also help determine if coaching is right for you.

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