Anxiety Bundle Worksheets | 25 pages


The ultimate self-growth tool packed with exercises to tackle Anxiety & Social Anxiety.


The Anxiety Bundle Worksheets contain all the exercises and toolkit from the Anxiety and Social Anxiety worksheets, in a more convenient, more affordable format.

Anxiety can be a debilitating, intrusive and often hard to manage disorder that can make even the simplest task feel like impossible chores. There are a number of reasons why an anxious feeling can be triggered. Sometimes we know why we feel the classic knots in the stomach, hot flushes or racing thoughts. Other times, seemingly harmless events can trigger a debilitating episode. In both cases, we must remember that it’s less important to know why we are anxious- but that our feelings can be managed.

The Anxiety Bundle Worksheets are fact-based, hands-on solutions that will allow you to take a moment of self-care during a chaotic situation. Armed with pen and paper, you’ll be able to sit and analyse the scenario with calm and objectivity.

Social Anxiety can be described as a marked and persistent fear of social or performance situations; it is more than just feeling a little awkward in public, or not enjoying giving presentations. It can impair your ability to work with others, have a romantic relationship, or see friends. At times, it can make you feel like everyone is looking at you, and judging your every move.

This downloadable resource will help you pinpoint the levels and types of discomfort you experience when relating to others, and assess your current situation, as well as your immediate and long-term needs.

Download the Anxiety Bundle Worksheets or any of the Talk With Fos Worksheets here


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