Social Anxiety | 8 Pages


Social Anxiety is more than just feeling a little uncomfortable in public. Download these worksheets and start your journey to social confidence.


These Social Anxiety worksheets are packed with useful exercises to manage negative feelings surrounding social situations.

Social Anxiety can be described as a marked and persistent fear of social or performance situations; it is more than just feeling a little awkward in public, or not enjoying giving presentations. It can impair your ability to work with others, have a romantic relationship, or see friends. At times, it can make you feel like everyone is looking at you, and judging your every move.

This downloadable resource will help you pinpoint the levels and types of discomfort you experience when relating to others, and assess your current situation, as well as your immediate and long-term needs.

These Social Anxiety worksheets will help you tackle physical, psychological and behavioural manifestations. We’ll explore your belief system, as well as common scenarios and their likely outcomes. You will be able to gain an objective viewpoint on your discomfort.

Please note: these worksheets are not a cure for social anxiety, and should not be used as such, or by themselves. They can, however, be a strong starting point to help you understand what makes you uncomfortable, and how to best solve it.

Download our worksheets here. 



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