Unhelpful Thinking Habits | 7 Pages


Ever wished you could retrain your brain to think good, positive, constructive thoughts?

Well, you can!

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We all have Unhelpful Thinking Habits, or bad ideas and notions about ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes our brains think negative, biased or entirely ridiculous thoughts about us… for absolutely no other reason other than we taught it to them.

Unhelpful Thinking Habits are learned, often entirely automatic thoughts. They don’t take into account objective, empirical data; instead, they are predicated on our insecurities, generalisations and personal views of the world. They are also often linked to mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, lack of self esteem, OCD and eating disorders, because they colour our view of the world in dark colours.

The Unhelpful Thinking Habits worksheets will help you discover your types of disruptive beliefs; some, like ‘Judgements’ or ‘Emotional Reasoning’, you might have heard of, but others like ‘Catastrophising’ or ‘Should & Must’ might be brand new to you. Labelling and recognising that your behaviours are not unique, will be the first step to eradicating them. Learning to not fall prey to negative thoughts will allow you to live a life without constraints.

In this downloadable pack you will also find some simple but powerful exercises to replace bad thoughts with better ones, and future proof your mind against negative thoughts in the future.



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