The Talk With Fos NLP Worksheets are an affordable and easy-to-use downloadable resource that will help you ‘do your wellness homework’. I’ve created these worksheets as a way for anyone to take their wellness in their own hands.


What you will find

The Talk With Fos NLP Worksheets are mental health exercises that will help you visualise -black on white- some of the unhelpful thoughts you have in your head, and break down abstract concepts into manageable ones. They will also teach you simple techniques to improve your confidence, manage your anxiety and live a calmer, happier life.

Why they work

We can know something without understanding they why and how of it. For example, you can know you struggle with anxiety, and that it’s a problem for you, but not know why it is, what triggers it and how you can manage it.

  • Tackling a topic in a guided and phased approach helps you see it holistically, as well as in detail.
  • It helps you uncover deep thoughts you didn’t know you had, and discover parts of yourself you were unaware of.
  • Plus, it’s like any workout! Just knowing how to do squats correctly will not actually going to help your muscles.